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Ever wanted to get into buying and selling real estate but don't have the time or team to make it happen?

We work with a network of private investors just like you and we'd love for you to be one of them.

Whether you’re looking for diversified exposure or direct access to private real estate opportunities your investment with Gold Coast Equity is always 100% backed by Real Estate and comes with guaranteed double digit percentage returns.


Our investments are curated opportunities to invest on a property by property basis. Each investment is backed by a lien on the property and realized either on a monthly basis or upon sale.


We offer two options for investment returns:

  1. Get an industry leading APR rate of return on your investment paid out on a monthly basis or, for a higher APR, at time of property re-sale.
  2. A share of profits based on the level of investment. Typical returns are 10-20% of profits yielding an effective 20-60% APR.

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